India Travel Tips aids you sail coir boats on Kerala backwaters; trek up breathtaking snow-capped heights in Leh, enjoy river rafting down gushing rapids on the Ganges on Rishikesh tours and discover the pure fun of dating wild animals such as tigers, elephants, jackals, hyenas and deer in the jungles of India with India Wildlife Tours. Traverse the land of saints and golden treasures with G-One Tours India Luxury Tours and India Culture Tours. Revel in ethnic festivals splashed in colors of Holi, Diwali and Dusshera.

Do all this and more on India tours with India Tour Packages on offer by G-One Tours – a trusted India operator but there are certain India travel tips that you must heed while enjoying the glorious splendors of this ancient land.

Some important India Travel Tips that you must keep in mind are;

  • You must carry your papers, passport and visa at all times.
  • You should be able to produce an identification card when asked to do so.
  • There are several authorized currency exchange centers all over India; in fact almost all premier hotels offer this service.
  • There are Internet cafes, telephones booths, ISD / STD booths all over the country, thus communication isn’t a problem.
  • Avoid tipping beggars, stray tramps and street children.
  • Purchase a Lonely Planet Guide or Footprints India guide that gives you a fair idea about the places, hotels, tour attractions, roads and modes of communication in different parts of India.
  • Buying or trading in drugs and intoxicating substances is an offense punishable by law.
  • Avoid small eating joints that are not frequented by too many people.
  • Avoid sporting revealing clothes.
  • Women should avoid befriending strange men and visit places only with an experienced tour guide.
  • Photography with artificial light and a tripod at various monuments requires special permits from the
  • Archaeological Survey of India.
  • Tourists may have to pay a certain amount of standardized fee while visiting certain monuments.

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